Bear Math

This is an old poem I wrote for a math program years ago.  It was never included in the program…so I thought I would share it with the world…so to speak.

Bear Math  *copyright Anne Miranda

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a farmer,bearanne (2)

Fuzzy was a bear bee charmer.

Fuzzy Wuzzy’s bees gave honey,

which he sold to make some money.

He charged a nickel for each jar,

and buyers came from near and far.

In came Jack and Jenny rabbit.

to get two jars, which was their habit.

Jack gave Fuzzy seven pennies,

plus the six cents that were Jenny’s.

Fuzzy Wuzzy bear could count.

He saw it was the wrong amount.

Fuzzy Wuzzy looked at Jack,

and gave the pair two pennies back.

Jack and Jenny smiled because,

of just how clever Fuzzy was!

The pair of honey-loving bunnies,

took their change and jars of honey.

With a wink they gave a hop,

thanked the bear and left his shop.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,

that treated honey-buyers fair.

And so his honey business grew,

for 6 + 7 – 2.


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